Fixed & Returnable Asset Management

RFID solutions that help you track, monitor and maintain your assets, equipment and tools with greater efficiency.

Manage All Your Fixed Assets

Trackvy RFID for Asset Management, offers real time asset visibility, quick auditing and inspection using mobile readers, detailed reports and a rule based alert system. Our solution works seamlessly with mobile RFID readers, fixed RFID portals and new RFID Area Readers to improve real time location accuracy and safety.

We make the initial tagging efficient and accurate with support for popular RFID printers from Zebra and Sato and Readers from Impinj and NordicID.


  • Real-time asset inventory
  • Quick inventory (20 times faster counting compared to barcode systems)
  • Identifying missing items
  • Document & photo attachments to assets
  • Asset history
  • Transfers and Movements
  • Compatible with barcode and RFID
  • Seamless operation with mobile and fixed readers
  • Alerting you when assets leave or move
  • Open API and Webservices for integration
  • Optional cloud hosting

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