Operation Traceability

RFID solutions that seek to increase the efficiency of critical processes by monitoring and tracking people, vehicles, products and movements.

Trackvy RFID for Operations, offers a customizable platform for the real-time visibility of key processes. Smartfields allow users to personalize the platform for locating, tracking and monitoring of sensitive personnel and key operations. Our solution works seamlessly with mobile RFID readers, fixed RFID portals and new RFID Area Readers to improve real time location accuracy and safety.

  • Real-time inventory and counting of key elements
  • Quick inventory (20 times faster counting compared to barcode systems)
  • Customizable fields
  • Individual tag history
  • Detailed records of Transfers and Movements
  • Seamless operation with mobile and fixed readers
  • Alerting you when tags leave or move designated areas
  • Open API and Webservices for integration

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